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  • My initiation into web development began during my early days at AWKUM University when I attended my first HTML class. It all started with the basics of HTML, where I learned to create simple web pages. I was immediately captivated by the magic of HTML, how a mere few lines of code could orchestrate the creation of elegantly structured web pages. In the midst of my web development journey, I discovered that the heart and soul of HTML, to me, lies in the <div> tag. It's a deceptively simple element, yet mastering its intricacies is, in my view, one of the most challenging aspects of HTML. If you can truly grasp the essence of the <div> tag and harness its capabilities, you can confidently say that you've truly learned HTML. However, achieving this level of proficiency required dedicated practice and perseverance. As time passed, my passion for web development grew exponentially. I delved deeper into HTML, continually pushing the boundaries of my knowledge and skills. This insatiable curiosity led me to explore a wealth of online resources, where I absorbed invaluable insights and techniques from experienced developers. Today, I'm proud to claim a profound mastery of HTML. I've honed my skills to a level where I can effortlessly craft elegant and efficient web solutions. HTML, particularly the <div> tag, has become more than just a language; it's the very cornerstone of my expertise in web development. It empowers me to breathe life into digital concepts with precision and creativity. The journey to understanding the <div> tag was an arduous one, but it's a testament to the dedication and passion I bring to the world of web development

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